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At Reel2Digital we are more than a request-based “just press play” DJ.  We have a

deep passion for music and dance.  With an extensive background in music

Production.  This experience creates our signature sound and energy.  We not only match beats per minute but also mix in key and have a keen awareness of our

guests to keep the dance floor moving all night.


We see the wedding as a cumulative story of the bride and groom’s journey

to their special day.  Reel2Digital defines the job of the DJ to not

simply provide music but to create a soundtrack to their story.  This is

why we place a high value on getting to know our clients to ensure the

music relates to their unique journey and encourages everyone else to

participate and celebrate in their fairytale.


Reel2Digital uses the best high quality equipment.  This includes

professional 1000-watt speakers and bass for flawless sound and a fully

computerized setup with a 60,000+ legal song library.  We have a full

laser light option and the ever popular up lighting for that dramatic

touch.  We also have video projectors and screens.  At our Reel2Digital

studio we create custom edited slide shows, montages, videos, graphics,

and logos.


We take pride in securing the vision of our clients by working hand in

hand with the wedding coordinators, photographers, caterers and other

vendors.  We enjoy building relationships with other companies that have a

true passion for their clients’ events.

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